ASK JILL: Taking It To The Next Level!


I’ve been talking to this guy I really like for 6 months and I think I love him. We hang out all the time, hold hands in the car, go out to eat, go to the beach all the time and we both have met each other’s parents. However, there is a huge problem, he goes to college in Miami and I live in New York and we are not technically boyfriend and girlfriend. He always insists that nothing will break us apart and swears that I am the only one. I do believe him, but it seems we haven’t taken our relationship to the next level. I don’t get it, we are both clearly in love, and every time I approach him about the situation he just shakes his head, and doesn’t really tell me what the real reason is as to why we are not official. So why are we still just “talking”? Any ideas?


I get the idea that you both really love one another, as you spend tons of time together. Seeing as though you both have met each others parents, which is a huge step because you just don’t take anyone around your family, it seems that you have something real. Maybe he has been hurt in the past, and is scared of commitment. Maybe it will just take time for him to make things official with you and confirm that you are exclusive. If things get put on the back burner long enough, simply tell him that you want to be in a relationship and if he doesn’t make it official, you will have to move on.  That should wake him up. If not, you have the answer to your question.  Keep it moving!

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